Friday, August 12, 2011

Maimoon Palace

This building is dominated by yellow colors. However, do not connect it with the color of a political party. Yellow was the typical color of the Malay. There are family photographs, furnishings, and old weapons inside the building. The Maimoon Palace was the legacy of Deli Sultanate. Maimoon palace was located in Brigjen Katamso Street, Medan. Sultan Deli, Sultan Makmun Al Rasyid Perkasa Alamsyah, had established this palace. The designer was an Italia architect, and finished in 1888. Built on a land measuring 2.772 m2 wide the palace building is facing to east, and become the centre of the Deli kingdom. This palace consisted of two floors that were divided into three parts, which is the main building, the left wing, and the right wing. In front, around 100 meters, stood Al-Maksum mosque that are well known as Medan's Great mosque.

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